Playing Titanfall on the New Xbox One

titanfall art

Titanfall was designed and created by the same people that brought you Call of Duty. It is not a continuation of the Call of Duty scenario, although there are many elements of the overall game design that will be familiar. Titanfall is currently offered to new Xbox One buyers for free as a bundled game; unfortunately not for the Playstation 4. It is available for purchase via Xbox One distributors and online retailers for everyone else. It is getting a lot of attention form reviewers and players. It offers fast and complicated play, but not so complicated that it gets in the way of fast and furious action.

How Good is it on Xbox One?

Titanfall is getting some excellent reviews on the Xbox One. As a single player or multi-player game it holds together well. There is nothing unexpected about the navigation and controls; they will remind you a great deal of its source of inspiration, Call of Duty. It also has some upgrades that would have made Call of Duty even better, but the game was already too far in evolution to be able to back engineer the upgrades for controls better. One of the things that is helping the game is Microsoft’s choice to do away with all the third party controllers and focus on making their bundled controller work well with the upgraded hardware.

Controlling the Titans

In the game, players build and control mechanized combat “titans.” This leads to endless opportunities for customization, and for battle. The better you get at controlling your Titans, the further you will advance in the game. The majority of their combat is derived from weaponry, but there are also power moves that are physically based as well. The story line is there, but not something that is the primary source of focus. The main goal is to fight and to win. Off combat time is spent repairing the Titans and upgrading them for the next battle. It is a multi-player environment, but there are also plenty of opportunities for single combat as well.

Cheat Codes and the Cheating Bans

As with every game that rolls out these days, following soon after are streams of cheat codes that have been hacked and then published. The creators issued a caution against those playing with cheats, especially those using PC access, but in March of 2014 that actually started banning players for using cheats. Unlike other games, like Grand Theft Auto, there isn’t a method where Titanfall can recognize the use of a cheat code and disallow the gain of points or the award of a trophy.

While PC gamers are now facing bans for using cheat codes (and they are being issued at a faster rate), the cheat ban has yet to catch up with the Xbox One system. The creators are saying that it will only be a matter of time before a similar ban can be put into place, but that is going to require some negotiations with Microsoft as it may impact their Live Gold subscription service.

I Hate Allergies

allergy-moleculesIf you’re like me and suffer from allergies pretty much every friggin’ month, then you can relate to my agony. By the way, did you hear the news about Adult Swim’s allergy commercial?An allergy is an unusual sensitivity to a substance that is normally harmless. A person who has an allergy to certain substances will develop symptoms of illness when he or she comes in contact with it. When the substance is removed, the symptoms disappear. People may have allergies to foods, drugs, and other chemicals, dusts and pollens, fabrics and furs, bacteria, light rays, temperature changes, air pressure, and many other things. Emotional strain, or unconscious fears, or extreme dislikes, may produce symptoms of sickness.

Examples of allergic diseases are hay fever, asthma, eczema and other skin ailments, and a number of stomach or digestive disorders. It has been estimated that about 10% of all the people in the United States have at least one allergy.

No one knows exactly what causes allergies, and it is only around the 1960’s (or perhaps earlier from 3640 to 3300 BC ?) that people became aware that they existed. It is often very difficult to determine precisely what substance, the allergen, is causing the unpleasant reaction. The tests are usually made by a dermatologist, or skin specialist. He puts a number of patches on the patient’s skin, each patch containing a small amount of some substance known to be an allergen. When the patches are removed the skin beneath will be irritated and inflamed if the patient is allergic to the substance in the patch. But there are so many possible allergens that the tests may take a long time. Various drugs have been developed to help people who suffer from allergies.

Kinds of Allergen

There are in general five different kinds of allergens or things that cause an allergic reaction:

Airborne substances: pollens (especially ragweed, sagebrush and goosefoot), dusts fungi, animal emanations, tobacco and train smoke, vapors, perfumes, cosmetics, and various strong odors.

Foods: wheat, eggs, milk, fish, pork, strawberries, nuts, chocolate.

Contact substances: plants (poison ivy, poison oak), flowers, chemicals, fabrics, dyestuffs, rubber, firs, leather, jewelry, cosmetics, animal hairs, feathers.

Drugs: aspirin, quinine, barbiturates, sulfa drugs, penicillin.

Infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, and various parasites.

6 Great Cheats in Grand Theft Auto V

Cheats are where it is at if you want to be the best in Grand Theft Auto V. You can’t beat the clock, or the system without doing it. You can also use them to your advantage in gaining trophies. While triggering a cheat will make anything you accrue during the game ineligible for a trophy, what you will learn while being in the cheat may well be worth it. This is a great way to formulate your strategy in the game – you may only need certain enhancements and weapons to conquer different challenges – a cheat will let you preview what is really needed to get it done.


Don’t underestimate the power of being able to give to someone in need, especially if you are playing in teams. The give parachute can save a player and let them get back in it, and back to helping your team fast. The trigger for it is left, right, L1 and L2. After that, the process should continue with R1, R2, R2 and left, and then ended with the following – left, right and L1.

Fast Swim

There are a lot of reasons why you might need the ability to execute a fast swim. Not only can it help you escape a situation, but if you are playing a pre-patch version then you can use it to gain a certain secret $12,000 over and over for your account. To trigger the fast swim cheat press left, left, L1 and right, completing the process with right, R2, left, L2 and right.


This cheat takes things a step further then max health and armor because it makes you – and your car, invincible. If you are just playing for fun this can be the best way to have to most. Trigger the cheat by hitting right, X, right, left and right. After that, you should proceed with R1, right, left, X and then triangle.

Super Jump

The great thing about this cheat is it can be used from within a vehicle and without. This can save you if you are in a flying crash. Combine a super jump with a parachute and you can even set up the crash to get you further, faster. Trigger L2, L2 and then Square. However, you should not stop there, but continue with O, O, L2, Square and Square, and then have the process completed with Left, Right and X.


A garbage truck never looked so good than when you need to take a truly armored and impressive vehicle through a rough spot. It may not be as nimble as some of the cars, but you can use its size and bulk to your advantage. To trigger the cheat press O, R1, O, R1 and Left for the first phase, and having it completed with Left, R1, L1, O, and then Right.

Slow Motion

This cheat is best used when you need to slow the world down to execute fine maneuvers and get a chance to see exactly what is really going on. It is easy to use and temporary. To trigger the cheat press Triangle, Left, Right, Right, Square, R2 and R1.

Managing Strategy on AI Controlled Battlefields in Starcraft II

starcraft 2 ai

One on one combat still rules Starcraft II, but there is more of an emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence via the game engine for the major battles. While you may have experienced a small taste of it before in earlier versions, the extent of the AI use and dynamic strategy it is capable of can easily catch you off guard. Don’t underestimate how creative computer intelligence can be when it wants to win. On the battlefields you may meet hordes of AI controlled Zergs, Protoss and Terrans. These are all species from the original game world of Starcraft and they have undergone some radical transformations that appear in this expansion game. These aren’t the same units that you met in The Brood, there have been quite a few changes to their ability and how they function. The battlefields that make use of AI control are more challenging than ever before, thanks to the upgrade to the game engine as well.

Hive Mind vs Psionic Connections

The Zergs share a hive mind, and the Protoss have a psionic connection. They are similar, but not the same. Understanding the difference between the two will be essential to staying one step ahead of them. The hive mind works as a kind of collective unconscious, which means that wherever the Queen or Ultralisk goes, the rest will follow. With a psionic connection, it is a shared awareness and not directive that occurs. That means that in order to take advantage of the Protoss you have to create a reason for them to gather.

What is your best strategy?

Hive mind, and even the psionic connection shared by the Protoss can be worked to your advantage. The goal with them is to direct by distraction. If you can create enough of a disturbance or threat you can direct the group where you want them. Dealing with AI controlled Terrans is going to require profoundly different tactics. For starters, they aren’t connected; in fact you can’t even rely on them to stay in the same battle groups – but that is where your advantage comes into play. They are resource destroyers and can be broken apart by setting up claim fields. Once there are seeded claim fields then the Terran battle groups will most likely splinter and attach each other and not your team.

Starcraft II features a revised mapping editor that you can use to your advantage. It can provide you with an extreme resource if you load in one of the maps that are now for sale in the Starcraft II store. When you are facing an AI controlled battlefield you have to be able to strategize by keeping a big picture focus, as well as handling local battles. While a lot of the combat in Starcraft II remains one on one, there is a heavier emphasis on the larger AI battles that come in the upper levels.

Playstation 4 Display Devices & Accessories

playstation 4 system specifications

The huge next gen console, Playstation 4 (PS4), doesn’t fool around. This isn’t meant to be a total replacement for your entertainment system or Internet devices; this is meant to be the powerhouse gaming platform you just happen to have tucked away for your own personal pleasure. Sony has stripped away the excess and added in new configurations to support faster and harder game play. The new games that are set to be released are going to be putting all of that to the test. This is one of the reasons that in all the re-engineering of the PS4 the tower design has remained, it is the best way to make sure that the core temperatures are managed correctly during hours of play.

The PS4 backs up its customized single chip processor with 8 gigabytes of GDDR RAM and a fixed hard drive. The graphics and audio, which are of great importance to gamers is run through the AMD Radeon Core Next Engine. All of this also allows for the machine to carry real time VOIP delivery to a far better extent than Sony has been able to offer before.

What Can you Connect To?

PS4 has made a move to accommodate more types of connections to screen hosting devices than Sony has ever put out in a PlayStation console before. Not only are there the standard AUX I/O plugs but there is also allowance for 10BASE –T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base T Ethernet systems. This is in addition to the newer ports to accommodate HDMI connections to big screen TVs and projection devices; as well as a special port for digital optical output. If you don’t want to go with a wired connection, there is also now Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t always have to connect into the multi-player network either; the PS4 also comes with a settings option to provide for standalone play.

What are the Accessories You Need?

Sony cleaned out the accessories catalog with the PS4. They did away with supporting all the shaking, rattling and rolling controllers from 3rd party vendors that took up valuable hardware power. Instead, you get a top of the line wireless controller that is made for the system itself. There are also special tower stands and they aren’t about making the PS4 look good in your living room, these tower stands are a part of the core cooling design system that the PS4 needs to operate at full speed. Add into this two or three options for high quality audio and VOIP enabled noise cancelling headphones and you have everything you need to play your games without the world interfering with you at all.

One accessory that is still kept separate, but is available from Sony for the PS4 is the camera platform. This allows you to take in game screen shots and record play to save or export for sharing, or to review your progress later. It is considered an “add-on” which is why it isn’t built in. Most players would rather stay in the moment then stop and take a picture of it.

Bungie Opens Beta for All

Bungie, the developers of Destiny beta, are allowing anyone who owns an XboX One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 3 play today at 4PM PDT. The only requirement having an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription. Bungie originally required interested gamers to obtain a beta code to play, but now it is offered for free. Simply logon to your console after 4PM and take a look at the store or dashboard for the beta download link.

The beta will end on Sunday evening, so this is a good way for players to try Destiny before the beta closes. One important thing to note is that the game will run on 720p on the Xbox One during beta, but will have the full 1080p when the game is fully developed.

Bungie offered the Iron Banner event last weekend and extra goodies like an exclusive emblem to use in-game. If you don’t know what the Iron Banner mode is, its a fun and competitive list where you can earn extra items like the emblem. There will for sure be more Iron Banner events and you can check out the schedule at IGN.